After WAEC and JAMB, What Next?

After WAEC and JAMB, What Next?

Are you a fresh secondary school leaver who probably just finished writing his last WAEC paper or JAMB and want to know what’s next after WAEC and JAMB? Definitely this article is for you as we will be sharing with you a topic we selected due to numerous searches on the internet by Nigerian secondary school leavers, “After WAEC, whats next?” and “After WAEC & JAMB, what next?”

This topic as seem very straight forward at times might be difficult to apprehend.
Secondary school leavers see this as a problem, I got to know about this from a survey I filled online and here I am today sharing with you all you need to do to successfully gain admission into any preferred institution of their choice.

Just a quickie – In this article is a key point you need to get in place or know to successfully gain admission into a University. Also I’ll be sharing with you, what you need to do after WAEC and JAMB.

You’ve finished WAEC and conquered JAMB! Congrats…
Now there’s just one little problem standing in your way which is you gaining admission into your first choice of university.


It may seem obvious, but given the amount of time each application can take up, it’s important to think carefully about where you really want to apply.
I’ll advise students to begin preparations and checking the web pages of state, federal and individual universities, speaking to family, friends and teachers is always a good place to start, and a way of narrowing down choices.

“As well as choosing a course, students need to consider many other elements, including the type of environment would like to live in, location, transport links, availability of accommodation, cost of living, options for financing studies through institutional scholarships and of course, the type of institution they prefer.

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Once you’ve weighed up all the factors and carefully made your decisions- and remember that this where you’re going to be spending a not- inconsiderable portion of your life- Its time for the really fun part: Applying

“Students should check entry requirements and deadlines before applying to make sure that they have the best possible chance of gaining a place on their chosen course, if they are unsure whether their qualifications are acceptable, they might like to contact the admissions office in their chosen institution to check before submitting an application.


The points are evenly spread out between your (O’ level)- WAEC and JAMB result to provide a level playing field for all.
In the first case, any candidate who submits only one results which contains his or her relevant subjects already has 10 Points, the examination could be NECO, WAE, or GCE, e.t.c. Any candidate who has two sittings automatically gets two points which is bad.

So, this means that aspirants with only one result are at advantage but only just.

Candidates also have more chances of gaining admission with better grades in their O’ level thus:
A- 6 marks, B’s- 4 marks, C- 3 marks.
JAMB Grades:
180-200 (20-33 marks)
200-250 (24-33 marks)
251-300 (34-43 marks)
300-400 (44-60 marks) as well as five jamb results per point added.

This much was disclosed by Adamu Adamu, (Minister of Education) who confirmed that students who did jamb performed excellently so far and that cut-off marks would soon be released by universities and colleges of education.

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