Ras Kimono Songs We Shouldn’t Forget

Ras Kimono Songs We Shouldn’t Forget

‘Natty Get Jail’ – Ras Kimono Songs We Shouldn’t Forget

Most popular inspirational music artiste loved by students and the masses, Ras Kimono now dead has been a source of inspiration to me and lots of students in my school.

We fell in love with Ras Kimono when our school Principal told us she feels motivated whenever she listens to Kimono sing.

Now that Ras Kimono is dead, do you think all of his inspirational songs will continue to reign till 2030 probably till no one hears or read about him any longer? I can guess but I’ll assume is memory will be passed from generations to generation.

Now that he’s dead, one can only ask, just like he asked in one of his recent interviews – “Who will do it for the people?”

According to 36naija, “This prophetic musician has started making music right from his early age as a child. In this remembrance of the music maestro, I just compiled a list of five (5) Ras Kimino songs that brought him global recognition and made him a “prophet of the masses”.

Ras Kimono Songs

1. Natty Get Jail
He composed this song for Late King of Afrobeat Fela Anikulapo Kuti when he was jailed stating for a bail. Unfortunately, Fela was bailed just before he released the music.
However, this song made an instant hit and was very popular then.

2. Rhumba Stylee

3. What Gwan?
The ‘Natty get jail’ crooner in this song, took to it upon himself to face the government asking them why the country’s economy is bad and why it’s moving in the direction it’s not supposed to be.

4. Under Pressure

5. ‘We No Wan’